Survey on Investment Demand among Social Enterprises in the North West

Social Enterprise North West is undertaking a study of the sector in the region to provide an up-to date and accurate account of the investment demand among social enterprises in the North West.

SENW represents the region’s social enterprise sector and is regularly asked by national and local government to provide a snapshot of how it is performing, both financially and in terms of delivering benefits to the society.

This specific study will gauge details on the existing barriers of social enterprises in accessing finance and its future growth potential. It aims to promote a better understanding of how SENW could help social enterprises to secure repayable finance.

The results of this survey will fill the current void of reliable statistics on social enterprises in the North West and be vital in providing SENW with the qualitative data needed to accurately represent the sector. Plus, it allows us to see any weaknesses that we can then address with new support programmes or funding bids.

We would greatly appreciate your time in completing the confidential survey, which would take about 10 minutes. If you are not the best person to complete the survey please pass to a colleague. It will also be helpful to have your company account on hand before you start. The deadline for responses is 31 August 2013. The survey is available here.

All the information gathered will be available on the SENW website for you to use to support your future applications for contracts or grants. Alternatively, we can email the results to those who request the information.

However, for this to be an authoritative piece of work we need as much involvement from the sector as possible so I would ask that you encourage your colleagues in the North West social enterprise field to also complete the survey.

For more information, contact the team at SENW on 0151 237 3986 or email

Val Jones
Chief Executive
Social Enterprise North West